Bio: Postpartum Psychosis survivor. Maternal Mental Health Warrior. Mother to wild child, mouth of a sailor and hips from butterville.

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12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello lovely lady, I wanted you to know I love your writing, so I’ve nominated you for “The One Lovely Blog Award”. There is no obligation on your part, but I would love it if you wanted to accept it. Here’s the link to my post with rules of this award: http://wp.me/p3HPZu-xm. Thank you so much for your blog, it really is ‘lovely’!

    Lisa xxx

  2. Hello there! My name is Dyane and I’m a mom diagnosed with postpartum onset bipolar disorder. (PPBD) If you haven’t checked it out already, please take a peek at Stigmama.com, an incredible website devoted to motherhood, mental illness and stigma. Stigmama is always seeking contributors; there are different themes that the founder Dr. Walker Karraa presents to writers wishing to submit a post about the topic, and I think you would be a great contributor! take care – I send my best to you and your family

  3. As a midwife and now as a Mum I think your writing here is incredible, raw and honest and in truth could rescue a thousand souls out there. I am so sad reading about how you have been treated by so called professionals, it is shameful. Having said that I now have a clearer understanding of what you have faced and though I will not pretend to truly understand I hope that I can take some of it away to assist women more sensitively in future.

    As a mother I can now relate to the blues and whilst I appreciate that this is a million billion light years away from the horror that you have triumphantly conquered, it was a scary reminder that we all tend view childbirth through rose tinted spectacles. I can remember the HV saying to me on day 14 “isn’t motherhood wonderful” I just wanted to scream at her no it isn’t it’s f*ing sh*t and I’m exhausted and my baby doesn’t love me and what have I done this for. thankfully it was short lived and my experience fell into completely normal realms.

    I just wanted to acknowledge how brave I think you are and how worthwhile your time is for putting this out into the blogosphere. Your writing makes me cry but also really connects to your readers. Who knows your blog could save a life.

    1. Thank you so much. I so appreciate you reading the post and am really touched by your lovely comments. Being a mum is hard enough and the fear of nursing can be so raw that to then have criticism so openly can crush a mum and the child who has chosen to continue nursing. im overwhelmed by your words xxxx

  4. Another fantastic blog post. You should be so proud of yourself for the difference you make. Your writing is so real and authentic. I used to hide behind sunglasses when I was out pushing the pram because I didn’t want anyone to see the despair and / or tears in my eyes. It was such a god awful time. I always ask new mums I meet how they’re doing and say ‘I had a really hard time of it but it’s so much better now’ so, if they’re feeling shit, there’s an opening line that they can respond to. Some of them look at me like I’m nuts (because they’re loving new motherhood so much) but a couple of people have responded that they’re finding it really difficult etc and it’s opened up a conversation where I can hopefully made a difference to them. Before I had my daughter I only knew one person who had had pnd, she was very vocal about, and I’m so glad I had her to turn to eg get her counsellor’s contact details etc. I think if us mums are open about the fact that new motherhood wasn’t joyous for us all it would make a huge difference to the other poor souls who are currently struggling. It does get better, thank goodness.

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Blogging about motherhood,the madness it can bring and the muddles I find myself in.

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