My real life storyline

I’ve been harbouring a secret. No ,I’m not a real queen, but yes I am the queen of my Kingdom and yes I once did accidently go to the loo in a bin in a restaurant and got tossed into the street by a traumatised waiter.

I  digress – my secret is that for about the last eight months, I’ve been working with the mental health charity Mind and the BBC soap Eastenders to help them create a storyline about postpartum psychosis. This is an awareness opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. It’s not about five minutes of fame, it’s about getting a message out to ten million people about the illness .which is phenomenal.

To coincide, I’ve made my first and last ever vlog.I’ve held my dirty tongue and swallowed a sensible stick to talk about my experience of mental illness in the most honest way I can .

**** Trigger warning – I talk about my dark thoughts and feelings when I was unwell which include thoughts about death.please only watch if you feel ok too******

You can and do get better X



6 thoughts on “My real life storyline”

  1. Thank you for the very brave and informative blog. Very glad for you abd family that it worked out. We’re decades away from father and baby units I guess, but it’s good to see progress in the right direction. I’m a full-time dad with depression, not PPP and probably not PND so feel like a fraud getting involved in this but have seen perinatal psychologist and want to see one again. Won’t go into my issues of guilt and self-loathing here – just saying thanks for talking about your experience so as others like me who wouldnt feel able to go public can benefit and feel less alone perhaps.

  2. This is so incredible – I have been meaning to comment for a while now;; please forgive my tardiness. (At least I liked it right away, LOL!)

    I love the beautiful picture of you by the way!
    I’m so impressed with your dedication. You should be extremely proud, Eve! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Eve! And I wouldn’t have minded if you didn’t hold your foul-mouthed tongue! Personally, I think England has one up on the U.S., having 18 MBUs (though, as you rightly point out, more are needed). We have only one that I know of, and it’s 5-beds or so. For 50 states! So much work to be done, and I thank you for your advocacy.

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